Imagine a world where every insurer has their own

HealthSherpa's industry leading EDE platform makes it possible.

Through HealthSherpa's whitelabeled Enhanced Direct Enrollment, your consumers, agents and support representatives can do all of the following directly on your website, without ever having to go to

Shop and enroll

Pre-filled renewals

Upload documents

Make payments

Search providers

Search drug formularies

Report life changes

View plan documents

Agents also receive our industry leading CRM and marketing automation tools, and administrative users get powerful reporting and export capabilities.

HealthSherpa makes that a reality for you.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) allows insurers to integrate directly with HealthSherpa provides a fully functional white-label deployment of EDE, supporting consumers, agents, internal support and sales representatives, marketers and administrative users. HealthSherpa's platform can be deployed rapidly - insurers can utilize EDE right now during SEP.

Ready to set up EDE today? Get deployed in less than 2 weeks!

Why HealthSherpa?

We’re the Marketplace leader

First and most advanced EDE platform

Industry standard

Every CMS approved issuer uses our platform

Most operational experience

We ran the first 100,000 EDE enrollments during OEP 2019

1.7 million consumers enrolled

We're also used by 35,000 agents

We have a proven history of technology leadership



Contact us for pricing - we charge a no-nonsense flat rate per plan year with no upsells or change request fees. The fee includes all consumer, agent, and support functionality, and all future platform enhancements are included without extra charge.

Enrollment is fast becoming a commodity, as it should be.

With EDE, we want to help insurers refocus their technology efforts away from the details of application submission towards what really matters: creating value for customers—providing differentiated, high-quality service, managing and controlling their risk exposure, and engaging both current and prospective members in new and meaningful ways.

To learn more and get started, contact us at